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Longline bodice - Lonely Hearts

One of the many daunting things one faces when moving to a new country, is finding a new salon, and when you're as lazy with regard to hair upkeep as I am, it can become quite a task. Thankfully a friend recommended GLASSHOUSE salon to me at the very point where my dark roots surpassed the point of scruffy chic and entered the territory of unkempt.

If anyone reading this is in search of a new salon in London, I would strongly recommend Glasshouse, my brain is too much in overdrive to formulate sentences right now so I will bullet point for you.
- they use organic colour systems so fried hair like mine won't all fall out
- they have awesome magazines and a really extensive tea menu
- they're located in the same building as Whitepepper (see post below) and it's a really rad space
- Olivia got my hair to the exact elusive ashy shade I've been lusting after ever since I went blonde

I'm sure that's all the convincing you need. I'm off to Isle of Wight tomorrow for Bestival so won't be posting for a little while, however there will be updates via instagram @lauraallardfleischl


  1. spot on!!


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